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Teaching Innovation Conference

This meeting, which has been held several times since 2000, is a forum for the promotion of educational innovation processes and the development of projects that contribute to the improvement of the quality of teaching, with special attention to the incorporation of ICTs in classroom training and to the training of teachers on new educational methods.

The Conference is addressed to the teaching and research staff of the University of Oviedo interested in learning about the educational innovation processes at the University. Specifically, the objective is to promote discussion, reflection and the development of answers the growing needs, demands and interests of teaching and research staff in order to improve their teaching activities in the context of teaching and learning processes in higher education.

The website of the Conference (Historical) (https://jornadasinnovahistorico.uniovi.es/) compiles all the information on the last edition, as well as a historical review that includes relevant material on the contents of previous meetings.

Teaching Innovation Conference Website (Historical)


*From the year 2021 the Teaching Innovation Conference will be managed and organized by the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation (INIE). Any queries can be directed to the new website of the conference: https://jornadasinnova.uniovi.es/

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