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Intellectual Property And Plagiarism Prevention



The Center for Teaching Innovation participated in the PEPP Talk that URKUND held in Stockholm in August 2018 with the conference entitled New Pedagogies for University Teaching in the Digital Era, developed by the CTI's Director Dr. Aquilina Fueyo.

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  2. URKUND PEPP-talks 2018 - Urkund
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1. Definition of plagiarism

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Plagiarism as "the process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own".

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2. What plagiarism is and is not.

The use of other people's original material to prepare an academic work does not necessarily imply plagiarism.

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3. Free tools to prevent plagiarism

Detection and prevention are two inseparable tasks for which there are some auxiliary tools that can be useful to facilitate the work of teachers in this field.

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4. URKUND, a tool licensed for use by the University of Oviedo

The University of Oviedo has acquired the URKUND license in order to support teachers in their tasks of tutoring academic works and, specifically, in detecting texts that do not respect the rules regarding intellectual property and plagiarism.

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Relevant links

The procedure on the treatment of exams and works delivered by the students of the University of Oviedo that incur in plagiarism is included in the Regulation of assessment of the learning results and the competences acquired by the students, Chapter VIII: Use of illicit materials or means, articles 24.3, 25 and 26.

You can access the full document here.

You can also access a selection of links on Intellectual Property, Plagiarism, Citations, bibliographic references and Ethics in publications.



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