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Teaching Innovation Committee

The Teaching Innovation Committee is the advisory and support body for the Teaching Innovation Area and the actions developed by the Center for Teaching Innovation of the University of Oviedo. Among its main functions are the following:

  1. Advice on the design and implementation of calls for awards, innovation projects or other curricular recognition processes, related to innovation in teaching.
  2. Participation in the selection and evaluation of projects submitted to the different calls. They may be assisted by external evaluators, appointed for this purpose by the Management Committee.
  3. Making proposals and calls for the development of activities and initiatives related to virtual teaching.
  4. Support for the promotion of virtual teaching at the University of Oviedo.
  5. Proposals for activities and initiatives in relation to teaching innovation at the University of Oviedo.
  6. Discuss and report on the matters on which it is consulted by the Teaching Innovation Area in the meetings convened for this objective.
  7. Propose initiatives for the innovation of teaching activity in the field of new teaching methodologies and advanced technologies.
  8. Support and advise the Teaching Innovation Area.

Its composition and operating regime are set out in the Regulations of the Teaching Innovation Committee of April 20, 2018.

BOPA, Government of the Principality of Asturias.


Renewal of expert members of the Committee

The Rector of the University of Oviedo has issued the resolution (6/27/18) that launches the call for the renewal of the expert members of the Teaching Innovation Committee. The first step in this process is the presentation of candidatures, open to members of the University Faculty that have developed teaching innovation activities. The deadline for the submission of resumes closes on July 29.

Members of the Renewed Commitetee:


Managemet Commitee
Secundino González PérezRector's Delegate for Digital Transformation
Pedro Alonso VelázquezVicerectorte Office for Faculty Policies
José Miguel Arias BlancoVicerectorte of Academic Organization
David Álvarez GarcíaDirector de Área de Docencia- Vicerrectorado de Políticas de Profesorado
Alejandro Rodríguez MartínDirector of the Education Sciences Department
Celestino Rodríguez PérezDean of the Faculty of Teaching and Education
Lourdes Villalustre MartínezDirector of the Institute for Investigation and Educational Innovation


Expert Commitee
María del Pilar Castro GarcíaEnergy
Pablo Pando CerraConstruction and Manufacturing Engineering
Manuel José Fernández GutiérrezMathematics
César Antonio Álvarez MarcosSurgery and Medical-Surgical specialties
Víctor Álvarez MuñozSurgery and Medical-Surgical specialties
Verónica Martínez LópezPsychology and Speech Therapy
Juan Argüelles LuísFunctional Biology
Ana María Navarro IncioCell Morphology and Biology
Paula Núñez MartínezFunctional Biology
Cristina Allende PrietoExploitation and Prospecting of Mines
Isabel Hevia ArtimeEducation Sciences
Joaquín L. Burguera CondónEducation Sciences
Alejandra Boto ÁlvarezAdministrative Law
Miguel Calleja PuertaHistory
Antonio J. Jiménez MuñozEnglish, French and German Philology
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